Blue Floral Duster Apron

Blue Floral Duster Apron

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This pattern is from Women's Weekly Magazine, which was a staple in many rural households. I found a bunch of these magazines and this pattern was in one.

What could be more fun than this, easy to put on, no ties or bits to worry about. Slip over your head and run your arms through. These are sewn up in new materials of 100% cotton and edged in a handcrafted bias binding. The details are so super cute on the Dusters.

This blue floral  Duster is so reminiscent of the 1940's. I have edged this in a blue on blue polka dot handcrafted bias.

I upcycled some vintage lace and adorned with yellow flower vintage buttons to secure your straps. We may be laundered in cool water to maintain my bright green colour.

We may be dried in your dryer on a short cycle or hung up on the line! Please touch up with your iron if needed as I am cotton and do tend to wrinkle occasionally.

All materials have been laundered to ensure they are in pristine condition before they are lovingly handcrafted by me, Lady Dragonfly, living down by the River.