About Lady Dragonfly Studio
Marlene Seniuk-Mayne - Lady Dragonfly Studio
Hello, my name is Marlene, the human behind Lady Dragonfly Studio. 
I have had a love affair with all things pretty and all things vintage for as long as I can remember.
I started to make aprons many years ago when I decided that I really did not enjoy getting my clothes stained/dirty while cooking or doing the washing up - all the dishes that are never quite “dishwasher” safe.
I had mountains of beautiful vintage linens and fabrics just waiting for this day!  I made a few very basic aprons for myself as I was not quite ready to give my stash of pretties.  People saw these first aprons and began to request aprons for themselves or to give as gifts.  I started selling them at local markets and craft fairs, they were selling as fast as I could sew!  
I had so many smaller bits and this is how I began making pouches or bags.  I could not bear to waste all these lovely pieces. 
Saying this makes all my aprons and pouches very unique and one off’s.  You will be hard-pressed to see any apron or pouch exactly the same.  
Kid's aprons you ask?  Most definitely!  I recommend also using these as a bib, keeps their top clean and when they are long enough, their laps as well.  
I seek out beautiful vintage fabrics and table linens from Estate Sales and flee Markets.  I do get the occasional invite to help clean up Gramma’s attic as well.  All the vintage materials are thoroughly laundered to ensure they are in pristine condition before they are lovingly handcrafted into whatever my heart desires. 
My aprons and pouches are meant to be used.
Wear them, stash in them, wash them, display them, but most of all - love them.  I have lovingly brought these pieces of the past back to life.  
~ Marlene
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